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Connect to Campers & Pictures

We encourage camper families to contact their campers during their stay. However,
non-emergency visits or phone calls are disruptive to the camp program and faxes
to campers can not be accepted. Some parents choose to write letters and postcards
prior to the camp week, and leave them with the camp staff to distribute. If you
would like to write to your camper from home, please mail very early. Write to:

(Camper Name and Program)
Camp Chrysalis
391 Upper Turtle Creek Rd
Kerrville, TX 78028

Campers can receive email!  Email to campers will be printed out each morning at 10:00 am for afternoon mail call.  Because office space is limited, campers will not have access to the computer to reply. This summer, we are using a system called Bunk1 that regulates our email to protect us from viruses and to help cover the cost of printing each email to pass it along to the camper. To email your camper, you’ll either need to set up an account or sign in to the account you previously created. Email with attachments, including photos, will not be accepted.

To set up a new account:
1. Read the following instructions and then click the link below
2. Click “Need an Account or have an invitation code” at the top of the page
3. Enter your information and the “Invitation Code”: CROSSTRAILS2017
4. Fill out all the required information
5. Purchase Bunk Note credits—You will need a credit card
6. Select that your camper is attending Camp Chrysalis
7. Send an email to your camper!

To sign in to your previously created account:
1. Click on the link below and enter your user name and password
2. Select that your camper is attending Camp Chrysalis
3. Send an email to your camper!


You will only need to register once, and once you register, you will be able to invite
others to use these services.

Bunk Replies:
New this summer, campers will be able to respond to you more quickly than writing a letter! Here’s how it works:
1. Purchase credits through Bunk1 – The same process as Camper Email.
2. Use the credits for Bunk Reply Stationary – Send this stationary with your camper to camp or include it in an email you send to them.
3. Campers will hand write replies and give it to camp staff.
4. Camp staff will send the reply to Bunk1 and it will be uploaded to your Bunk1 account.

If you are purchasing stationary, please let campers know you would like them to fill it out. It is not camp’s responsibility to have your camper fill out the Bunk Reply.

Summer DVDs and Photos:
Online Photos:
Parents will be able to view online photos of camp during the week. Photos of each day will be updated overnight for viewing the next day. For pictures, you will need to set up/sign in to your Bunk1 account (instructions above). Viewing pictures is free and each high quality photo download is $0.99. You may also purchase photo gifts at their website. For your camper’s safety, pictures are password protected. The password will be emailed to your family email the week before your camp session.

Group Photo:
Upon arrival, campers and parents may purchase a group photo for their week of camp. It will be an 8×10 photo and will have all campers, staff, and information about the week printed on it. Campers who order this will receive it prior to going home. Cost-$5.00

Camp DVD:
Campers have the option to purchase a camp DVD. This DVD will be of the entire camp summer and campers will be able to see campers from their week as well as the many other programs that camp offers. These DVDs will be shipped at the end of August and can be purchased anytime prior to this date. Cost-$15.00

2017 Photo & DVD Pre-Order Form

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