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The goal of the Trail Guide Program is to build relationships between congregations and Cross Trails Ministry through the following:

  1. Raise awareness and communicate to their home congregation the unique opportunities that Cross Trails provides.
  2. Seek support for Cross Trails Ministry through prayer, invitation, giving, volunteering, and partnerships.
  3. Be passionately excited about sharing how Cross Trails transforms the lives of others.


What does a Cross Trails Ministry Trail Guide do?

  • Increase the awareness of all that Cross Trails Ministry has to offer.
  • Actively pray and raise prayer support through your congregation.
  • Attend at least one event annually as possible.
  • Give a personally meaningful financial gift or donation.
  • Promote all events and ministry experiences to age appropriate groups in the congregation.
  • Ensure that monthly articles are passed to the appropriate person to be included in the church newsletter.
  • Serve as a liaison to the church benevolence team, council, and other appropriate leaders to ensure that Cross Trails Ministry is supported through the church’s giving.
  • Encourage an annual “Cross Trails Awareness Sunday” that includes ministry promotion and a special offering.

Will Cross Trails train me? Yes!  We train and equip our Trail Guides at one of three half-day workshops throughout the synod beginning January 2012. All promotional materials will be provided.  We will cross-train both Trail Guides in each area so a working partnership is formed.

Click here for the Trail Guide Information Page

Click here for the Trail Guide Application Form

Contact Jessica Pina, Outreach Director at Jessica@CrossTrails.org to become a Trail Guide for your congregation, or for more information.

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