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Challenge Course
Challenge Course Opportunities
Challenge yourself on our high and low ropes challenge course! Youth, adults and family groups are invited to come challenge themselves on the low and high ropes course at Ebert Ranch. The ropes course is designed to help participants grow and stretch themselves, and their group, through fun and challenging activities.Low Ropes
The low ropes course includes a variety of activities designed to facilitate group building. Elements are on the ground, wooden platforms or cable no more than nine inches off the ground. Groups complete the elements together, bonding and learning to work as a group. Low ropes activities stress cooperation, not competition. Low ropes elements can take between two and four hours.

The following elements are found in our low ropes course:

The Wild Woozy
Work with a partner and spotters to walk as far as you can on two wires that form a “V” shape. Lean on each other as you work your way to the end.
TP Shuffle
Stand on this long telephone pole with your group and work to maneuver your way around each other.
The Mohawk Walk
See how far your group can get along a series of wires strung between trees. You won’t always be able to touch the trees, so you’ll need to rely on one another.
Triangle Tension Traverse
Starting at one point of the triangle, you and a partner walk along opposing sides using a stationary rope to help you. An additional challenge comes when you must switch sides while still on the wire.
Trust Fall Platforms
Stand a few feet off the ground and trust your group to catch you as you fall straight backward.
Mountain Tops
Get your group from point A to point B by only using two board pieces.
  The Whale Watch
A large wooden platform is set up like a large teeter-totter. Everyone hops on and tries to balance the platform.
  The A-Frame
One group member stands on a large wooden A and then the group pulls a series of ropes to make the A walk.

High Ropes
The high ropes course is an individual and group challenge utilizing the skills participants learned in the low ropes, including goal setting and encouragement. Group participation is essential in helping individuals reach their goals. Cable elements are located up to 27 feet high. Participants wear harnesses and are attached to a belay system to ensure safety. All participants must properly fit into climbing gear and sign a release form.

Our high ropes course includes the following elements:

Jacob’s Ladder
Work with a partner to climb a dangling ladder with its steps five to seven feet apart.
Incline Log
This log is inclined at 30 degrees and looks as though it is easy to walk up; but when you are 25 feet in the air with nothing to hold onto, it gets a little harder.
Walk on a wire while holding on to a series of ropes that dangle above your head. Can you reach the next rope without letting go of the one in your hand?
Raider Bridge
Although it looks like the rickety bridges in the movies, this one doesn’t collapse, but it is still a challenge. The boards of this bridge not only sway side to side, but also move along the wires.
Heebee Jeebee
On this element, you walk on a wire while holding on to two ropes that form an X in the middle of the wire. It looks easy, until you get to the middle of the X.
The Zip Line
A great way to get down from our climbing circuit! Your harness is hooked into a cable and off you go on a zip ride of over 200 feet. It’s a wild ride, but you have to take that first step to get there.
The Leap of Faith
Stand on the top of a 30-foot pole and jump for a trapeze bar that hangs a few feet away. It sounds easy, until you realize you have to jump and trust.

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