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Lutheran Camp Chrysalis


Camp Chrysalis offers multiple housing options for visitors and guests

Faith, Hope, Joy, and Promise (Quad Cabins)
Faith, Hope, Joy and Promise are quad room cabins. Faith, Hope, and Joy can each hold 40 people and Promise can hold 32 people. These cabins can be divided into four family suites or two larger rooms, each with a private bath. Each cabin features a large meeting and gathering room with a kitchenette and comfortable furniture. These cabins also feature a large deck which overlooks the Chrysalis field. Promise, Faith, Hope, and Joy are all temperature controlled through heating and air conditioning. Additionally, Promise and Joy cabin are handicap accessible.

Grace, Mercy, and Peace (A-Frames)
Each A-Frame cabin is split into an upper and lower section holding 10 and 12 people, respectively. Upper sections of the A-Frames have one bathroom, while lower sections have two. Grace, Mercy, and Peace are all heated during the winter and air conditioned through the summer.


Luke’s Place
Luke’s Place offers three bedrooms. One bedroom features a queen sized bed and private bath, while the others hold two twin beds each. This building is air conditioned and heated.

Meeting Spaces
Camp Chrysalis offers both indoor and outdoor meeting spaces to its guests.

Indoor Spaces
The Chapel is the largest building at Chrysalis. It is one of the original buildings at the camp, with unique architecture dating back to the 1920’s. This building has a fireplace, a hardwood floor, a large open area, and a stage at one end; the other end features an altar and pews. The chapel is heated for winter use.

Dining Hall
The Dining Hall is a large brick building right in the heart of all camp activity. If needed, it can hold up to 180 persons for dining or meeting. The Dining Hall is heated for winter use.
Quad Cabin Gathering Rooms
Faith, Hope, Joy, and Promise Cabins feature a large gathering room with comfortable couches and chairs and a kitchenette. This meeting space can be converted into a conference style room.
Luke’s Place
Luke’s Place had two accessible meeting areas. The educational meeting room side comfortably fits up to 40 people and is geared toward adult needs. The other side of the building is better suited for a small meeting or breakout space. Luke’s Place is both heated and air-conditioned.

Outdoor Spaces

Dining Hall Deck and Fire Ring
This area, attached to the Dining Hall, is an easy place to gather groups and have the convenience of tables while still outdoors. Even large groups can be easily accommodated here.

The gazebo is located between the Dining Hall and Chapel and offers an intimate space for meetings, gatherings, and worships. This area can be used for small or large groups.

Cross Chapel
This fire ring located near the A-Frame Cabins allows for a beautiful view of the bluff on bench seating.

Fire Ring
The main fire ring is located in the far corner of the property, near the creek. It is suitable for groups of all sizes and offers bench-style seating.

Outdoor Chapel
The outdoor chapel, one of the largest outdoor meeting places, is located near the creek and picnic area. Its amphitheatre style seating makes it ideal for both small and large group gatherings.

Chapel Porch
The Chrysalis Chapel features a large porch that provides great gathering and meeting space.

Picnic Area
Spread alongside the creek, numerous picnic tables can hold up to 150 people. The tables can be arranged to fit the needs of your group.

Luke’s Place Porch
Luke’s Place has a large shaded porch with rocking chairs and benches. This is a comfortable spot for small group gatherings.

Tree Chapel
The tree chapel is a naturally growing meeting space. Small groups can walk into the shelter provided by a spreading oak and sit on its horizontal branches.

On The Bluff
There are many small meeting areas on the bluff, most with benches available. Follow the trail signs as you hike, or follow the trail to the large cross. Our staff is happy to help you find your way to one of these special places.

Sports Court
Chrysalis’ Sports Court is a large shaded area that offers a stage and full sized basketball court. This is an area that is ideal for large group meetings.

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