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Group Reservations

Group Reservations open December 1st!  However, you can fill your reservation out now and we will hold your form and payment until we open!

Group Reservation Form 

Groups of Three or More Campers Can Reserve Space Early!
If you have a group of three or more who would like to attend one of our programs together, it is best to reserve space early. The only programs that are not eligible for group reservations are LYLE III, Wranglers, Women’s Big R, Family Camp, and Grandparent Camp. Please note that pastors, youth directors or volunteer adult sponsors are welcome to attend with any group, but they are not required for any program except Confirmation Camp. Even then, we will work with you if you do not have an adult leader. For more details on Confirmation Camp, see below.  We will begin processing group reservations on December 1st. When we receive your reservation and non-refundable deposit, we will confirm that there is space in your selected week or program and then send you an email confirming your reservation.

More Details About Confirmation Camp
Confirmation Camp is open to all youth currently participating in confirmation programs. Most of the campers in this program have just completed the 6th to 8th grades. If your youth are in other grades, please contact us at (830) 257-6340. Pastors, youth directors or volunteer sponsors have the option to lead one to two hours of teaching time each day. Depending on the site, this time may be split up during the day. With the exception of an evening congregational gathering time, all other daily activities are led by camp staff.

Our camp staff are also available to lead the teaching time! If you request it, they will lead one and a half hours Bible study using our summer theme material. Adult leader(s) from your church are encouraged to observe and participate in the Bible study, and lead the congregational time in the evening with the group, to connect it to your home congregation experience. If you are unable to send an adult, your youth are still welcome to attend camp as a group. We would be happy to work with you, just contact us.

By March 1st, 2021 Individual Registration Forms are Needed to Fill Reserved Group Spaces
By March 1st, we need to receive individual registration information for each camper and adult who will be attending. A custodial parent needs to fill out the registration form. Parents can fill the form out online (under Summer Camp, Register), download it from our website or use the one in our brochure. Any spaces not filled with an individual registration form by March 1st will be considered forfeited and opened up to other campers. While your deposit is non-refundable, you may transfer a limited number of deposits to your group bill if you do not fill them. Please refer to the Policies and Procedures section below for more details.

Group reservations submitted after March 1st must submit all registration forms and payment by May 1st. No group reservations will be accepted after May 1st.

Camp Paperwork and Final Payment
In early March, your congregation will receive an invoice for your Group Reservation.  Any youth or adult paid for in full by the end of March will receive the early payment discount.  Those who have not paid in full by the deadline will automatically be billed the remaining $25 on April 1st.  Full payment is due by May 1st unless you have a payment plan worked out with our office. 

In early May, information will be available online to help campers prepare for a fun and faithful week away!

Camperships – Don’t Let Anyone Miss Out!
No one should miss out on camp because of money. Please remember that camperships are available for all summer camp programs. Do not let cost keep anyone from coming! If someone needs a campership, please visit this link or call (830) 257-6340. 

It Is Going To Be An Amazing Summer!
If you have any questions contact Darcey, our Registrar at info@crosstrails.org or (830) 257-6340.
See you this summer!

Group Fees and Deposits: Fees are listed with the program descriptions. A non-refundable $150 deposit is required per spot.  The ONLY exception is if you do not receive your first choice of camp weeks.  We will notify you in your confirmation email if that is the case.  Then you will have four weeks to adjust your group numbers and, if you numbers are going to drop, decide to transfer the unused deposits to your group bill, or to receive a refund of the unused deposits minus a $25 per space administrative charge.  By March 1st, each camper space must be filled with a registered camper by submitting a paper or an online registration form. After that date, any unfilled spaces will be forfeited and opened up to other campers. Your deposits for up to four unused camper spaces, per program, will be credited to your bill. The entire deposit for any more spaces will go to our Campership Fund. 
Group reservations submitted after March 1st must submit all registration forms and payment by May 1st.  No group reservations will be accepted after May 1st.  Camp fees are due by May 1st. Campers who register after May 1st must pay in full or make financial arrangements with our office. Campers who cancel will not receive a fee refund without documentation of a medical or family emergency. Campers who leave camp early, for any reason, will not receive a refund.
Early Payment Discount: Every camper and adult who is paid for in full by March 31st, or has set up a payment plan, will receive $25 off their total fee.  Those who have not paid in full by this deadline will automatically be billed the remaining $25 on April 1st. 
Sibling Discounts: A sibling discount is available to families that have more than one child attending camp. The first sibling to register will pay full price, then a $50 discount is available for each additional camper from the family. This discount is not available for Day Camp, Women’s Big R, Family Camp or Grandparent Camp.
Multiple Program Discounts: A camper who attends more than one program in a summer can receive a discount of $25 off the second program week. This discount is not available for Day Camp, Women’s Big R, Family Camp or Grandparent Camp.
Financial Assistance: Financial aid Camperships and payment plans are available. We will not turn anyone away from a week of camp for financial reasons. Contact our office or click here for more information.
Housing Policy: Campers may request to be housed with one friend of the same sex, in the same program. Grade levels within programs are also considered in determining appropriate housing and activity groups. Requests are not guaranteed.
Camper Behavior: We reserve the right to dismiss campers from any program if their behavior is disruptive or destructive to other individuals, the camp community or property.
Health and Special Needs: Please call the Cross Trails Ministry office to speak to the Camp Director regarding any unusual health, emotional, mental or physical concerns your child may have. Cross Trails Ministry welcomes participation in our programs by campers with special needs. However, we are not equipped to provide staff for campers that require one on one care. Individuals should have appropriate social and personal skills for group living, and be age-appropriate for the program for which they are registering.
Equal Opportunity Policy: Acceptance and participation in our programs is the same for everyone without regard to race, color, creed, gender, disability, religious preference, national origin or political belief.

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