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Lutheran Camp Chrysalis

Camp Chrysalis provides many opportunities to try new and exciting activities. We begin and end everyday in worship and also devout part of the day to Bible study. Cabin groups and villages get to choose the activities that will fill their schedule.

Some of the activities that campers may choose from include:

  • Archery and Sling Shots: Test your aim! Campers are instructed how to aim and shoot while following safety guidelines.
  • Swimming: Enjoy swimming, relaxing, games, and the water slide at the Camp Chrysalis pool.
  • Cocoon: Our camp store provides sweet treats and souvenirs for campers of all ages! Check out our selection of t-shirts, bags, hats, stuffed animals, and more!
  • Giant Swing: Get harnessed up and clipped into the giant swing. After your village pulls you to the top, enjoy the thrill of swinging through the air from over 20 feet high! This activity is offered to campers in the Yearlings program and older.
  • Rock wall and zip line: Climb to the top of the tower with a friend and then zip into the edge of the field on the awesome zip line! This activity is offered to campers in the Adventurers program and older.
  • Arts and Crafts: Painting, pottery, and more! Make something special to remember your time at Camp Chrysalis.
  • Team Building Activities: Grow as a village or cabin in these team-building activities.
  • Field and Sports Court Games: Gaga ball, kickball, floor hockey, basketball, elbow tag, Eagle’s Nest, and Norski ball are just some of the fun game to be played in the field and sports court.
  • Fishing: Grab a pole and lure and fish in the beautiful Turtle Creek! All fishing is catch and release.
  • Nature Activities: Learn about the nature you live in. Spend time examining animals, plants, and more.
  • Canoeing: Learn basic canoe skills and take a spin around Turtle Creek. Enjoy boating about and splashing your fellow cabin mates!
  • Sing-a-long: A time to gather and sing some crazy (and not-so-crazy) camp songs with the rest of camp.
  • Hiking: Hike the Chrysalis bluff with your village, stopping at each of the checkpoints on the way. Challenge yourself to make it to the “Big Cross” and see what God has in store for you on your journey!

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